Acer CloudProfessor

A Brand New Way to Code

Programming has always been difficult to approach for learners new to the field. We at Acer want to change that. With CloudProfessor, we give everyone the opportunity to see how easy it can be to design the next great invention.

Hardware, Software, and Service

The Culmination of 40 Years of Effort - Acer CloudProfessor

Programming with the Blockly Visual Toolbox

Coding Made Easy

Acer CloudProfessor gives you the option of choosing between a variety of programming languages, including JavaScript, English-like LiveCode, as well as Blockly, which provides younger learners with the visual interface they need to start innovating in the new Internet of Things era.


Coding Anytime, Anywhere

You will no longer be shackled to your computer screen to write and run code. Program directly into your phone or tablet through the CloudProfessor App, allowing you to write down your coding ideas whenever and wherever you are.

aBeing Cloud Support

The world is ready for the cloud ,  and Acer CloudProfessor comes with its own. With Acer BYOC's cloud, you can personally see the simplicity and convenience that comes with cloud connectivity.

A World of Extensions

Combined with the Arduino development board, Acer CloudProfessor comes out-of-the-box with 8 application packages for you to try out, such as: LED lights, temperature sensors, light sensors, fans, and more. For every extension, we provide a sample code which utilizes each to get you started!

Scenarios to Get You Started

Together with companies such as Gigo, we're providing you with the easiest and most fun ways to get you into the Internet of Things. Unleash your imagination as you make your own personal creations with CloudProfessor as your IoT sandbox!