what is byoc

Our Mission

Our mission at BYOC is to bring service back to the forefront by introducing the world to ‘Beingware,’ our way of improving all facets of life, business, and innovation.

what is byoc

Our Philosophy

Acer Build Your Own Cloud seeks to deliver quality service, in addition to quality hardware and software, to our customers. Coming from a company which built its name on success and business harmony, we create an ecosystem of both products and partners to work together and be better, together.

More than Things

We call this the Internet of Beings. Every ‘being’ surpasses the sum of it’s hardware and software. No longer ‘things,’ they provide a human touch to what is fast becoming a very cold and impersonal collection of objects. It is our belief that providing a life-enhancing service should be the highest priority going into the future. furthering all aspects of: Life, Business, Innovation.

When all services, software, and hardware are combined, our Beings become something more.

Products that Know You

Through this belief, we create Beingware. Beingware combines intelligent devices and cloud computing, empowering applications to provide user-centric services or solutions which know, serve, and grow with you.

Collaboration Brings Competitiveness

We achieve this goal by not braving the seas of the future alone, but with the help of others. We believe that through mutual cooperation in the business environment, we, our partners, and our customers can all benefit and thrive in this collaborative network. Whether they are an established business or a single-person startup, we believe we can work together and provide better solutions to the problems of today.