BeingWare creates Si-vilization

Acer is showing you how the Smart City of the future will look, and what we’re doing to make it a reality.

By combining the functionality of hardware, software, and services into our solutions, we bring the world BeingWare - products which know you, serve you, and grow with you. It is through this vision of providing next-level service that we seek to create a true Si-nnovation Island.

This year, we’re showing you BeingWare from a variety of verticals, including: Transportation, Healthcare, Business, and Life Mobility.


Everyday Situations, Everyday Solutions in the Acer Smart City.

BeingWare in Transportation

Smart Parking

Already being tested from within Taiwan, these smart parking meters are set to replace coin parking meters by automatically scanning a vehicle’s license plate the moment they enter a spot. The driver can easily get on with their life without worrying about having to fish for change to fill the meter, as the value will be automatically deducted from their account when they leave the parking space.

Smart Reader

The card readers you see on the local buses in Taiwan are getting a makeover - and soon will be able to accommodate both Taipei’s EasyCard as well as Kaohsiung’s I-Pass to allow for easier commutes to, from, and within both Taipei and Kaohsiung.

Smart Streetlamp

We’re embracing green technologies as we push for a more sustainable future! These streetlamps are able to detect cars and pedestrians on the roads/sidewalk and light up when they come near. When no one is around, the lights will dim and save energy until they’re needed again.

BeingWare in Healthcare

aBeing Wellness

Bring healthcare home with a powerful health ecosystem in aBeing Wellness. Combining a variety of health peripherals with the cloud allows caregivers to read, collect, and analyze real-time health statistics for a number of patients at a time, give advice when it’s necessary, and provide invaluable face-time when people need it most.


The all-in-one solution designed to serve the needs of today’s seniors. Reconnecting seniors with their families, easily sharing precious moments, and offering quick access to a variety of every-day services only scratches the surface of what grandPad is able to provide - the first specially designed tablet ready to serve your elderly loved ones.


The first of many Acer AI-powered solutions! Able to detect and diagnose different stages of diabetic retinopathy, this tool saves precious time in the hospital by allowing specialists to administer the test while doctors are able to confirm the results when time is available.

BeingWare in Business

abUC – Enterprise Communications 4.0

The Unified Communications tool of the future-ready business is here! abUC offers reliable, secure, and affordable office communications for your business - no matter how small nor large. Scalable to meet your dynamic needs as a business, our system is ready to grow with your business.

Smart Signage

Signage that goes beyond. Combined with data analytics and an easy to use interface, our solution is ready to help your business go that extra mile to secure the sale. Our tools will help you better understand just who your customer is by providing key demographic data to help better tailor your messaging - all while protecting your property!


Advanced robotics dishing out your favorite drinks! Mixbot is able to analyze each customer and offer a tailored selection of drinks based both on gender and age, providing both sweeter and non-alcoholic drinks to each. Not only that, Mixbot features built-in data analysis to assist you in gathering vital information regarding your customers and your business.

Smart City Operation VR

Designing and maintaining buildings of the Smart City will be easier than ever. With this mixed reality solution, architects and repairmen alike will be able to “look through” walls and see the plans for future building infrastructure, or easily locate existing infrastructure to aid in the maintenance process.

BeingWare in Life Mobility

abUC - Mobile Extension

Take your work with you on the road with mobile extensions provided by abUC! No matter where you employees may be, reach them with the ease as if they were in the office.

e-Ticketing & Energy Storage System

Our mobile energy solution will be on display alongside our new e-Ticketing machine. Grab a ticket before enjoying the camping scenario set up inside, all powered by our Energy Storage System!


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No.1, Jingmao 2nd Rd., Nangang District, Taipei City, Taiwan

Take Line 1 or Line 5 and alight at Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center Station (Exit 1 or 2)

Parking at TWTC Nangang Exhibition Hall costs TWD 30/hr and adjusted to TWD 50/hr during exhibition periods.

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