All Your Data, Anytime, Anywhere.

Acer BYOC Apps (abApps) help you Build Your Own Cloud on your own devices wirelessly and simultaneously, syncing and providing access to your digital life anytime, anywhere. Your PC becomes your personal cloud data center.

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Your files where you need them

Any File, Any Device

Find any file on any device. With abFiles, create a secure connection in between your devices, allowing uploads to and downloads from any device in your network.

On-the-Fly Converting

Easily share anything with abFiles by compressing any file into ZIP format or by converting Office documents into PDFs.


Send your pictures home, instantly

Share Inspiration

Sharing your pictures just got easier - not only will your photos will be saved to your home PC the instant you take the picture, you can share the pictures you take to other abApps users.

Cross-platform Archiving

The pictures you take from your smart device will be automatically synced to everything in your network, allowing you to easily view, sort, and manage your entire collection.


Mobilize your documents

Sync Everything

With abDocs, all your files are instantly synced whenever changes are made. View and edit your Office documents which have been updated in the last 30 days over any device.

Always Up-to-Date

The most recent version of your file will always be available. Even if the source device is offline, any Word, Excel, or PowerPoint document will still be available over the cloud. No planning ahead necessary, all you need to do is remember to save your work.

Edit Anytime

Never be caught unprepared with abDocs. Use your phone to add the last minute changes to your documents and presentations that can make all the difference. Don’t worry, abDocs syncs your last minute changes back to your PC for you as well.


Master your music

Stream from Anywhere

Use your PC, smartphone, or any smart device to host your music collection. Easily stream from and to any device in your network.

All Your Music in One Place

Import your premade playlists into your phone using abMusic and start listening to your music from any device!