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Smart Appliance

A Kitchen in the Cloud.

Empower your appliances with Acer BYOC! Combining our OmniCasa App and IoT Module, we can help you start connecting your kitchen, your living room, even your entire home to the cloud. Always have a fresh meal ready when you get home from work, or start waking up to the smell of coffee with your fully connected home and appliances.

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- Seamless indoor to outdoor tracking
- Create safe zones to track your child’s movement
- Easy to carry, easily concealed
- Extended battery life

Pigeo is Acer’s new tracker which is a combination of different tracking technologies, thus providing accurate tracking data while outside, and allows for seamless transitions into indoor environments. Create safe zones for your pet or child be notified the moment your loved one enters or leaves these areas. Additionally, the device supports social media integration, allowing for a family or group of friends to keep tabs on the loved one, allowing for a private group chat integrated into the device’s smartphone application. With an approximate 5 day battery life, it’s a smart solution for concerned parents.

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Air Mentor

Start tracking the quality of the air around you with Air Mentor Pro. With Air Mentor Pro, you can start collecting data on the levels of CO2, PM 2.5, PM 10, humidity, and more in your home or business. All you need to do is find a suitable place for your Air Mentor Pro and let it to do it’s thing. Once your smartphone is connected to the Air Mentor Pro, the device will utilize the AOP to send the data it collects automatically to your phone allowing you to view it remotely, whenever you need it.

The quality of the air around the device will also be displayed using its LED. When the level of a certain metric has been exceeded, the LED will change color from the normal and safe green level to other colors such as yellow, orange, red, and purple depending on the severity to alert you to potential health dangers.

Perfect for health conscious individuals and businesses hoping to take better care of their employers, the Air Mentor takes the mystery of out of the invisible nature of your air quality by quickly and accurately informs you via your smart device.

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aBeing Wellness

Bringing Healthcare Home.

aBeing Wellness is a way for people to take healthcare measures into their own hands and start doing more in order to prevent and detect potential illnesses. By combining multiple, brand name wearable devices such as the Acer Leap Fit and collecting health data over the cloud or a bluetooth connection, we allow you, someone you love, or an assigned caregiver to easily monitor the health situation of the patient all from a single screen. Key data metrics which are collected and instantly updated include heart rate, blood pressure, air quality around the patient, and more.

In the event that a certain metric enters a questionable or dangerous level, push notifications can be sent to the patient’s caretakers, notifying them of the situation. Because the patient gets assisted the moment they need it, this is a perfect solution for progressive and proactive pharmacies, daycares, nursing homes, and more.

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Trust in the Tag.

Handheld product authentication and tracking solution utilizing silica to identify a wide range of items.

TruTag Technologies, Inc. addresses the problems of counterfeiting, product diversion, returns monitoring, quality control, and product recalls in advanced industries such as healthcare and life sciences, food and food packaging, electronics, industrial, and consumer goods. Utilizing a covert, secure, and edible solution with TruTag microtags (“TruTags®”) that are encoded with a custom-manufactured spectral signature, TruTag makes widespread tracking of individual items feasible and cost-effective. TruTags can be scanned with a portable spectrometer-based optical detector and can reference a label in a secure database, where additional information about the item (e.g., lot number, expiration date, date of manufacture, authorized customer, or country of authorized sale) can be stored as desired.

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Realize Yourself.

Alchemy introduces a variety of scenarios and solutions leveraging their Brainwave headset and the AOP to measure and analyze brainwaves. Multiple solutions utilizing their headset are available to improve your mental health: Healing Chair, a massage chair based on vibro-acoustic therapy; acoustic therapy in the form of a connected app, which takes the data gathered from the Brainwave headset and generates a music or sound clip for you to enjoy; and personality assessment capabilities. With the data gathered from the headset, it is able to analyze and determine which Myer’s-Briggs personality archetype the wearer is most similar to.

Advanced brainwave scanning technology lets you get to know yourself better and provides solutions for training both your body and mind.

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Brainwave Music Healing Chair

Designed for office workers who easily accumulate stress stress, the Healing Chair utilizes accurate brainwave assessments to generate stress reports to analyze your stress levels, allowing us to program and customize the vibro-acoustic chair to fit your needs. Each person synchronizes to a unique frequency, and through brainwave experimentation we can now locate that exact frequency. Through this, we generate healing tones based on that particular frequency, sending it to the massage chair's vibro-acoustic driver, we allow you to relax and recharge quickly while you recover from stress and obtain peace of mind.

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BYOC Brainwave Cloud Relax Music

Measuring your brainwaves and stress level via the web, our Cloud Relax Music system automatically generates custom sound clips to help you relax. The clip will be automatically delivered to you via the Acer Open Platform, and the AOP will also keep a private database of each user’s measurements and result history.

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Brainwave Personality Assessment

Alchemy Technology has spent 4 years tracking 200 college students, continuously collecting and analyzing unique brainwave data to match the data to Myer’s-Briggs personality test archetypes. Through this research, we have built a model able to predict personality type based on brainwave assessments and without a paper-based test. Now, because many businesses still use the Myer’s-Briggs test to analyze certain applicants and individuals, our system allows for the express measurement of personality types, leadership styles, and negotiation styles as well as offers advice for each individual on new communication approaches.

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Your Medical History in the Right Hands.

- Quick and Secure
- Share important data and charts
- Cloud-maintained, always available
- HIPAA Compliant

A comprehensive health solution designed to take the difficulty of sharing medical history between doctors out of the equation and to enable the easiest and quickest way to bring doctors up to date on your latest medical situation and needs. With the Acer cloud-maintained database, the time between physical requests and retrieval of all of a patient’s graphical reports, documents, and images are essentially eliminated, saving time, energy, and grief.

In combination with HIPAA compliance and the active involvement of patients and caregivers, new models of care can start to take form as a new age of informed decision-making about options of treatment begins.

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Office phone solution.

With abTouchPhone, we’re rethinking the idea of what it means to use an office phone. With all the functionality of current gen smartphones and devices as well as being able to support Acer’s communications server, abPBX, the abTouchPhone is loaded with innovative new features and multimedia functions which separate it from other office phones. With video calls being fully supported as well as hands-free mode capability, abTouchPhone offers support for all scenarios such as conference calls and office environments. Further, with abTouchPhone, you’ll no longer need to search for a coworkers number or extension, as you can conveniently find all your coworkers who are connected to the server within the phone itself.

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