Being Innovation

Imagination is nothing without doing, just open new doors to explore.

Acer CloudProfessor

Acer’s IoT Starter kit is aimed at educating youth (and anyone with a thirst for knowledge) about the benefits and uses of the cloud. Once you plug the device in, you can start playing around and coding with easy to use sample scripts and intuitive coding languages which anyone can quickly learn. You’ll see just what kind of creations you can make when you combine the cloud and your imagination!

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CPF Robotics

Grasping What's Possible.

This is industry 4.0 !

Using this scenario, you’ll learn how to use all the movable parts within the arm, allowing you to improve your control of the movable parts and sensors while refining your coding abilities all with this fun and interesting application. If you are creative enough, you aren’t limited to just the arm. By using all the servos within the scenario in combination with the innovative flexibility of the IoT, you can create just about anything you put your mind to.

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Construction Bricks

Build Your Dreams.

Create your own IoT constructional bricks!

With Gigo construction bricks, define self-innovation, and make learning fun. Bricks will not only be bricks, but also IoT innovations with Acer CloudProfessor.

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The Best Introduction.

Look up the RGB LEDs.
RGB LEDs are turned on because beacons are detected.

Learn how to utilize proximity detectors with this brilliant scenario! Utilizing the Beacon keychain, whenever the keychain approaches your Acer CloudProfessor and RGB LED’s, your lights will trigger and announce your arrival to the scene!

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Make Possibilities into Realities.

Create your own IoT Car!

Play and explore at the same time with LCCNET and Acer CloudProfessor’s GoGoCar. Make your own rover to the discover new and interesting places, all via the cloud!

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360 Webcam

Haven't experienced 360 Webcam yet?

Experience 360 Webcam technology and create panoramic shots wherever you go with one of Acer CloudProfessor's latest scenarios, 360 Webcam.

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