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Acer being retail offers total solution. With monitoring system architecture, you can get the sensor information anywhere.

Industry 4.0

Smart Lighting

On Demand Luminescence.

- Environmentally friendly
- Dynamic power usage
- Automatic error correction

Smart Lightning not only just monitors, but actively controls your light systems to provide better, economical results through energy reduction and better optimization of and through green technologies. With integrated object detection, all types of lights will able to modify their luminosity on the fly, allowing upcoming cars and pedestrians better visibility and reducing luminosity to save costs when no vehicles or people are detected.

Moreover, the system includes a defect self-identification system and alerts the users to potential problems. When the alert is received, users are able to perform maintenance to avoid failure and keep the system running and on track.

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Sensor Monitoring System

Reliable Monitoring.

- Remotely view sensor data
- Receive push notifications before things go bad
- Save on maintenance and inspection costs

Our Sensor Monitoring System aims to make personally gathering sensor data a thing of the past by connecting all your sensors to the cloud. Designed with future-proofing your business, this system will be able to gather and send the data over the cloud to your device to let you remotely view the data anytime you need it. Because you’re always staying up to date on the latest data, you’ll be able to save both time and money by reducing the amount of inspections which need to be done, as well as being informed the moment something happens via push notifications sent to your phone. With this, the situation can be remedied in time to reduce risks of anything tragic happening.

Whether you are a factory owner, resource distributor, or fleet manager, if you have data which needs to be gathered, our solution is a perfect fit to make monitoring the status of your business even easier.

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Being Retail

Acer Intelligent Parking Cloud & Parking APP

Find parking anytime, anywhere. With this app, users receive discounts in shopping districts.

Acer cloud smart parking solution provides intelligent parking services. Drivers can locate the available parking spaces through the APP service, and the information provided will be sorted by pricing/distance/popularity/remaining spaces etc. The navigation service can guide the driver to the right spot.. To enter the parking lot is just simply scanning the APP QR code and the risks of losing parking token or ticket is eliminated! LPR (license plate recognition) feature enables the function for drivers to locate their vehicle or checking the vehicle status. For further development, the APP service can be incorporated to shopping mall loyalty programs.

宏碁智慧停車方案提供駕駛人便利、智慧的雲端停車服務。駕駛人可透過停車大聲公APP快速找出周圍即時剩餘停車空位 ! 包括: 推薦費率最省/位置最近/人氣推薦之停車場位置、剩餘停車位數、停車費率、衛星導航等服務。駕駛人進入停車場時透過APP QR-Code感應入場,減少取停車票麻煩或遺失的風險。並可搭配車牌辨識更可提供駕駛反向尋車、停車監控等服務。未來可利用Parking APP直接繳交停車費並與周圍商圈百貨結合購物紅利兌換與消費折抵。宏碁智慧停車方案讓「停車」不再是件麻煩事 !

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Smart Retail POS System

Bringing Smart to the Storefront.

The Easy Master is a fully functional, cloud-driven POS system designed to bring your restaurant and business to the next level. This solution integrates everything necessary to start managing your restaurant to it’s fullest potential, increasing the efficiency in your business by reducing manpower costs, food delivery time, and hardware maintenance costs by over 50% each.

The Easy Master is also paired with a user app, Easy Resto, which allows users to view your business and place orders all from their device with no interaction needed. The order will automatically come into the Easy Master and be sent to the kitchen for preparation and subsequent delivery.

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Digital Signage

- Real-time campaign adjustment according to your promotion needs
- Content management system integrated with ample supporting tools for easy campaign creation
- Better customer attention and engagement rate compared to static signage

Our digital signage solution provides a greater degree of control over the content which you display, allowing instant adjustments for specific audiences and flash sales. Restaurant owners and retail businesses alike will be able to update important information such as menu, nutrition, pricing, and have the ability to integrate weather and other live content whenever they want utilizing this solution.

Combined with our video analytics solution, retailers can utilize the large amount of analyzed data to instantly adjust signage campaigns. By doing so, retailers will not only see an increase in the amount of transactions but also in all kinds of desired interaction they wish to push to the customers for better and enhanced customer engagement at their stores.

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Video Analytics

- Visitor behavior tracking to optimize business operations
- Easy integration into your existing IP Cameras
- Intuitive Dashboard analytics interface

With video analytics, we provide business insights by analyzing the video from security cameras installed at your premises. With our solution, we can analyze popular locations, count the amount of visitors, and analyze their traffic footprint to further improve both sales and boost your business operation’s efficiency.

When analyzing your products on the shelf, you will easily be able to see just where and what your customers are focusing their attention on and which products and places your customers pass by quickly. Using the AOP, all of this data is easily viewable from the backend on our BYOC Dashboard and is extremely helpful when managing franchise businesses.

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