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Driving the Future with BYOC.
Remotely have your vehicle & car battery big data and build your own fleet management system is easy than ever.

X Terran

The Power to Take You Everywhere.

- Environmentally friendly
- Track vehicle statistics remotely
-Integrated Car IoT Module

Powered by pure electricity, X Terran is a powerful and smart All Terrain Vehicle, with an urban style and a dynamic design. The eATV will utilize the Car IoT Module, allowing for tracking of a variety of statistics and location. Standard and Patrol versions will be available, with design variations made in mind for touring, recreation, and speed to maximize the new ATV experience.

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X-Terran G1

Battery Pack: Green Power For e-ATV
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Car IoT Module - abMAX01

Start bringing your cars and your fleet to the cloud with our Car IoT Module. Because we connect your vehicles securely over a wireless network, you can start collecting important diagnostics data to create savings on upkeep, time, and manpower while enabling better utilization of your workforce. With our module, start finding value where you never thought possible.

• Easily integrated into your vehicles, from a single car to the largest fleet
• Enables a cloud-based connection to the Acer Open Platform
• Descriptive and thorough backend data analytics through our BYOC Dashboard
• Quickly update software and firmware of your fleet or your vehicle over the air

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MPS Car Battery

Powering the Future.

- 256 industry-standard 18650 lithium-ion batteries
- Water and weatherproofed

The MPS Battery is an end-to-end solution for the electric car and home, not only connecting your car and home to the cloud, but enabling the collection of data remotely from our BYOC Dashboard. Collect and track your power data and view predicted power usage heading into the future with our predictive analytics technology.



BMS 16S MOS Type-Dimension (PCBA 1)-Battery Management System

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BMS 16S CT Type-Dimension (PCBA 2)-Battery Management System

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HS-BMS Type-Dimension (PCBA 3)-Battery Management System

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BMU 12S Type-Dimension (PCBA 4)-Battery Management Unit

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18650 Type Battery Module

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Advanced Concept

Give Your Car a Voice.

Vehicle-to-X communication technology will start allowing vehicles to start communicating with anything, enabling collision avoidance and allowing you to know traffic conditions ahead of time to better plan your route.

Combining this technology with intelligent traffic tools and applications, driving will become less of a hassle in the near future. For example, developers in Taiwan have already produced several applications utilizing this tech, such as the Holiday Traffic Planner. This app coordinates and creates predictions using previous historical data of traffic during days of high traffic congestion to help you better plan your route to your destination and avoid traffic jams.

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OTA Stick

Enabling firmware upgrades for the Connected Car, anywhere you are.

Updating the software of an entire fleet of vehicles is now as easy as flipping a switch. The Acer OTA Stick receives and updates the vehicle's navigation unit seamlessly, updating the software and things such as map information without needing to update the system personally or taking the vehicle into the shop.

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Acer Intelligent Parking Cloud & Parking APP

Find parking anytime, anywhere. With this app, users receive discounts in shopping districts.

Acer cloud smart parking solution provides intelligent parking services. Drivers can locate the available parking spaces through the APP service, and the information provided will be sorted by pricing/distance/popularity/remaining spaces etc. The navigation service can guide the driver to the right spot.. To enter the parking lot is just simply scanning the APP QR code and the risks of losing parking token or ticket is eliminated! LPR (license plate recognition) feature enables the function for drivers to locate their vehicle or checking the vehicle status. For further development, the APP service can be incorporated to shopping mall loyalty programs.

宏碁智慧停車方案提供駕駛人便利、智慧的雲端停車服務。駕駛人可透過停車大聲公APP快速找出周圍即時剩餘停車空位 ! 包括: 推薦費率最省/位置最近/人氣推薦之停車場位置、剩餘停車位數、停車費率、衛星導航等服務。駕駛人進入停車場時透過APP QR-Code感應入場,減少取停車票麻煩或遺失的風險。並可搭配車牌辨識更可提供駕駛反向尋車、停車監控等服務。未來可利用Parking APP直接繳交停車費並與周圍商圈百貨結合購物紅利兌換與消費折抵。宏碁智慧停車方案讓「停車」不再是件麻煩事 !

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