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The Circo S is a smart mobile GPS tracker that keeps everyone you love clost to you! Ideal for children or elderly people, but you can also use the Circo S to track your scooter, RV , luggage or other valueables.

What it does



The Circo S tracker works on a prepaid basis.

After you have activated Circo S for the first time, you will be able to use all functionalities for two months, free of charge (works throughout countries belonging to the European Community, at no extra charge).

*data service provided by LeFrenchMobile according to their own terms & conditions.

In order to extend your 2 months service, you can connect to :

Transatel Platform

APP Download

To access your Circo S everywhere,
get the app on your devices


Smart Safe Zone

Parents can create safe zones and receive push notifications when a child enters or leaves a safe zone. Also the Cloud will automatically learn the places where the device freqently visits and suggest them as safe zones.

Emergency Help*

With Circo S's SOS button, elders can go out alone, kids can go out with their friends, and caretakers can have peace of mind.

*Service availability could be subject to variations depending on network coverage or any technical errors outside the control of Acer


Long Battery Life

Our high-power battery lasts a long time without sacrificing accuacy or reliability. Battery life time is between 2-4 days depending on usage.

User Guide

Circo S Guide

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