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Vertical business models with intelligent connected devices.


A Cloud Ecosystem of Your Own

Acer sees the indispensable need of private cloud solutions and we’re ready to help you to Build Your Own Cloud. Powered by our aBeing Cloud, we allow customers and businesses alike to connect their devices and ideas to start making their own Cloud without significant time and resources.

Our Field

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Being life


grandPad is a simple, smart, and secure tablet for seniors that effortlessly connects your loved ones to their friends and family with a touch of a button. The user experience with the grandPad is a breeze – seniors can make phone calls and video calls, send voice emails, check the weather, play games, view family photos, and more without a worry.

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Being life

Air Monitor

The air isn't the easiest thing to quantify, but we lay out the data for you to digest and understand while providing you preventative actions for you to try to bring your air quality to more comfortable levels.

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Being Life

Smart Plug

Your entry into the Smart Home universe. Become green, monitor your energy usage, and create an ecosystem of smart products around this simple device. It's the easiest way to get more power out of your plug.

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The Next Evolution of IoT

Internet of Beings

Improving is something everyone is always striving to do. With the Internet of Beings, we start improving every ‘thing’ such that it can be considered its own ‘being.’ No longer just a device, the ‘beings’ we provide are a combination of every facet of what is necessary in today’s world: hardware, software, and service.