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Vertical business models with intelligent connected devices.


A Cloud Ecosystem of Your Own

Acer sees the indispensable need of private cloud solutions and we’re ready to help you to Build Your Own Cloud. Powered by the Acer Open Platform, we allow customers and businesses alike to connect their devices and ideas to start making their own Cloud without significant time and resources.

Our Field

See our BeingWare innovations.

Being Auto

Driving the future

Remotely have your vehicle & car battery big data and build your own fleet management system is easy than ever.

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Being Business

Give your business the advantage it needs

With less things and more ‘beings,’ your company will start doing even more with even less.

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Being Life

Start living awesomely

Your life is yours. We provide you what the things you need to start living your life to it’s fullest potential.

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Being Innovation

Think beyond the possible

Imagination is nothing without doing, just open new doors to explore.

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Offering a future as bright as the clear BlueSky

Ingenuity is the name of the game in the Internet of Things era. By collaborating with start-up companies who are near-ready to enter the market, Acer seeks to provide the support and the means of cultivating their future through the A+B+C elements of the BYOC Ecosystem: Acer Open Platform, BYOC empowered, and Connections from all around the world provided by Acer.


The Next Evolution of IoT

Internet of Beings

Improving is something everyone is always striving to do. With the Internet of Beings, we start improving every ‘thing’ such that it can be considered it’s own ‘being.’ No longer just a device, the ‘beings’ we provide are a combination of every facet of what is necessary in today’s world: hardware, software, and service.

About Acer

Acer is dedicated to providing a unique cloud experience with Build Your Own Cloud, empowering you to integrate your devices anytime and anywhere you need it.

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