Central Portal

  • Summary of health, connectivity and enrollment status
  • Curve graph of device status for the last 7 days
  • Map view with zoom in/out to check device distribution
  • Device platform distribution
  • Device type distribution


  • Import devices by CSV file
  • Can also type device info manually
  • Serial number, model, device type, country, city, address, zipcode, longitude, latitude, store ID, store name, phone, player ID
  • Move devices to specific group


  • Add/Update/Remove apps
    • Edit name, description, version
  • Support Windows installer/binaries package
  • Can add/edit the associated configuration
    • Silent install/uninstall command
    • Log path, upload time
    • Specific settings
  • Support approval flow


  • Policy is by group. Each group can install different apps/versions and set different settings
  • Option to apply to all sub-groups
  • Basic settings : Time zone/Reboot time/Turn on monitor time/Trigger alert
  • Support extensible settings
  • Support approval flow
  • BDM agent UI for installation


  • Device name, enrolled time, group, policy, location, store info, time zone
  • Model, serial number, type, CPU, memory, storage, MAC address, OS
  • System up/down time, CPU usage, memory usage, storage usage, system temperature
  • Device online/offline history for last 7 days


  • Alert management
    • CPU, Memory, Disk, Temperature
    • Display device status detection (power, cable)
    • Create ticket when over threshold
  • Support software/hardware watchdog
  • Email/Dashboard notifications
    • Device enrolled, activated, deactivated
    • App registered, policy effected


  • Can download or send report to user periodically
  • Email notification to support team
  • Reboot device, take screenshot, download logs and deactivate device remotely


  • Safely deactivate device
  • Remove sensitive data

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