what’s the air quality now?”

Acer AirMonitor integrates with Amazon Alexa service which enables
you to ask Amazon Device(e.g.Echo,Dot,Tap) for your air quality.
You can find and enable Acer AirMonitor skill in Amazon Alexa skill
page, or search “Acer” for our skill in Amazon App.

Know More

Note. Please note that the Acer Air Monitor skill currently only support English language.

What Can You Ask From Alexa?

To know your indoor air quality index, or other specific indexes,

Here are all indexes you can ask about: Air quality, temperature, humidity, PM2.5, PM10, CO2, TVOC

To know about all your indexes, you may say:

To get more knowledge about each air quality index, you may say:

Here are all the indexes you can ask for more knowledge about: Air quality, temperature, humidity, PM2.5, PM10, CO2, TVOC.

How to Setup?

Setup your Acer Air Monitor with Wi-Fi in the Air Monitor app.

Make sure your Amazon Device (e.g. Echo, Dot, Tap) has also been setup using the Amazon app.

Enable the “Acer Air Monitor skill” in the Amazon App or on the Amazon Alexa skill website.

IFTTT, which connect two devices or smart services.

You can find Acer Air Monitor Channel in IFTTT website,or search “Acer Air Monitor” for our channel in IFTTT app.

Note. Please note that IFTTT app and webpage currently only support English language

How to Setup?

Setup your Acer Air Monitor with Wi-Fi using the Air Monitor app.

Choose an IFTTT applet from below that you would like to enable.

Follow the instructions to complete the setup. You will be asked to sign into your IFTTT and Acer Account.

Acer Air Monitor

IFTTT Applets

An IFTTT Applet manages “If this, Then do that” connections between two devices or services of IFTTT.
Here are our recommend IFTTT applets, you can choose one to enable and follow instruction to complete setup.
To create your own IFTTT applet linking Air Monitor with your smart device, follow IFTTT user manual to setup.

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