Acer Air Monitor

Your Air is Our Specialty

Monitoring the quality of air in your home
to keep your family safe.

Quantify Your Air

Simple to use, easy to understand

The air isn't the easiest thing to quantify, but we lay out the data for you to digest and understand while providing you preventative actions for you to try to bring your air quality to more comfortable levels.

Take your air in to your hands

No need to wonder how bad the air quality within your home may be - take the initiative and grab the power to do something about it with your own two hands.


Cook safer at home.
Air Monitor easily keeps track of cooking emissions.


Dream easier.
Find out if CO2 is affecting your shut eye.


Stay warmer, safer.
Keep on top of humidity levels without drying out the air in your home.

6 Important Air Quality Indexes

Monitor a wide variety of statistics in the air, including temperature, humidity, CO2eq*, PM2.5/10.







Responsive Light Indicator

Seeing is believing

Readily understood LEDs on the device let you quickly understand the situation of your air from just a quick glance.

Historical Tracking

Monitor your air,
then monitor the results

We give you the tools to proactively affect your long term health, and measure just how well those tools are working. With historical tracking, you can directly see the effects your actions are taking.

Light Sensor

Quality of life, in all aspects

Not only the air, but our monitor also keeps track of the lighting in the room to always be at the most comfortable level of light, providing ambience within a room without dominating it.

These Beings work well with others.

It's easier than ever to create your own home ecosystem of smart devices, and with IFTTT capability, you can quickly react to any situation imaginable.

Learn More

“ Alexa, ask Air Monitor how's my air quality ”

Smart Home Integration with Alexa let’s Air Monitor do more around your home.

* Air Monitor uses a CO2 equivalent unit derived from the amount of VOCs detected in the air.

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