Opening Up New Opportunities

Whether you are a business leader, IT professional, or forward-thinking innovator, aBeing Cloud offers you the customizability to support the type of Cloud you need, allowing you to scale up your business as you, your business, and your device web grows.

What We Provide


Global 24/7 support.


End-to-end data encryption.

Rapid Prototyping

Quickly and easily develop new devices.

Time to Market

Develop quicker, get to the market faster.

Excellent Scalability

Consistent excellence as your needs grow.

End-to-End Support

Support from the 1st prototype to production and beyond.

The Reliable Network

With a sterling track record of platform operation experience and over 11 million devices already supported on our world-class network infrastructure, the aBeing Cloud is a dependable solution you can count on to synchronize, secure, manage, and interpret your data to make sense to you.

Imagining the Future

The aBeing Cloud recognizes that support of industry verticals is an important part of any Cloud Platform. With our expertise, we assist and help our customers and users improve their productivity while offering them the flexibility of our open cloud environment.