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Video Analytics

Video Analytics Features


Track both hot and not-so-hot products in your store while knowing which areas are drawing the most customers.

Work Smarter

Optimize work schedules around high volume times.

Attention Span

Measure how well your products capture the gaze of you customers.

Advanced Analytics

Understand customer behaviors through visual reports generated by Big Data analysis to optimize sales performance.

Always Improving

Because we’re constantly increasing your knowledge and understanding of your core customers, we continually give you the opportunity to increase the efficacy of your in-store strategy.

Intelligent Security

Dual-purpose security and data analytics solution.

How it Works

Video analytics is a tool to understand the behavior of your customers in your stores. This solution gathers data from security cameras already on site and gives you actionable insights into your customers. We’ve listed below the top three questions owners have about their business:

Solutions 1

How much traffic are we getting

Solutions 2

Just who are our customers

Solutions 3

Can we improve our customer journey
How much traffic are we getting
Just who are our customers
Can we improve our customer journey

Our Solution

People Counting Crown Density
Audience Profiling
Audience Attention

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